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Today there are so many companies offering translation services but our company has got many assets! We attempt to make things simple and to give you a swift and reliable service.

- We offer translations at affordable rates!

- We don't count the number of words in a text but we take into account a cost per page.

- We inspect the text and if it is easy to translate, the price will be lower!

-We have a high speed translation service (and there are no additional charges for this).

- We check all documents submitted and after examining them we will respond with our final fee.

- We accept various payment methods (Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram).

- We translate from and into all European languages and we can even offer a translation service for Asian languages!

- We ensure a high level of quality and will assist you even at the weekend!

Please check the ORDER FORM on our site and write us. Just send your text (if you don't have a text file, you can send an image with the text) and indicate into which language we have to translate it. We will answer you as soon as possible and give our best price. An inquiry to us does not cost anything! It does not mean that you should place an order.

Complete the ORDER FORM, attach the documents (preferably in Word format) and indicate the desired language. We will reply with our fee. After your confirmation and receipt of your payment, we will send you the translated documents for approval.
Our email address is: info.service.translating@gmail.com

Example of prices:

- one page English-German - 20 dollars

- one page English-French - 20 dollars

- one page Dutch-English - 28 dollars

For larger texts we can give discounts!
By Olga Ivanova